The trade mark Friendly Water operates in the field of wellness and spa, pool technologies and water care, water and Wastewater Treatment Systems.

Friendly Water joined the swimming pool market with filtration equipment of internetional group manufacturing and in the following years the brands FW and FW-Pro were introduced in the swimming pool market. Its production capacities were brought for pumps assembling, which started the manufacturing of high quality engineered plastics - pump, later introduced with the brands FW-S and FW-M,new pumps for swimming pool counter-current systems were designed and brought to the market under the brand name FW-H.

The swimming pool water care was the new area of business. On the basis of own developments, Friendly Water introduced products for water care & clean. In the following years were developed specialized products for sauna, steam baths and wellness installations.

Friendly Water manages a successful joint venture operation with two models of automatic systems designed for water analysis, measurement and dosing.

The trade mark Friendly Water started a rapid development of company branches and cooperations with local partners in many countries in South- and North America, Asia and Europe.

Friendly Water founded the division for spa and wellness equipement - interior, details, accessories, glass mosaic.

In the last few years was developed the Friendly Water branch in Romania.

The research and development team of Friendly Water finished the key project in the field of swimming pool automation. The result was the creation of ePool - entirely functional system for water quality surveillance, as well as automatic chemical dosing and Internet connection for remote communication with the pool.

New concept was born - in paralel with the wide range of innovative products and services for pool and wellness equipement the professionals from Friendly Water started using ePool in different ecological projects.

Friendly Water has rich professional experience in the field of designing and manufacturing of swimming pool and spa pool equipment and accessories for water care.